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Black and white photograph of George W. Bush with hair like Moe from the Three Stooges with white text along the bottom edge

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During his presidency, George W. Bush received much criticism about his public image. His tendency to make country-themed metaphors, speak in a Texas accent, and take vacations on his ranch led to the public having an “American cowboy image” of the president. Tied to this stereotype, and because he was acting so differently to other politicians, some believed that he was not smart.

As a parody to this, an image surfaced of Bush with bowl style haircut, called “Moe Bush.” This is a reference to Moe Howard, of Three Stooges fame. The Three Stooges was a comedy act known for physical slapstick and followed the antics of three less than intelligent characters. By transposing Bush with Moe’s haircut, the image sought to perpetuate the belief of Bush’s lack of intelligence.

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