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Curl Text 1988 MoMA, N.Y. Jan. 31-Apr. 19 1988
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The "Committed to Print" exhibition the Museum of Modern Art was on view from January 31-April 19, 1988. This exhibit was somewhat groundbreaking as it was the first to look at the social and political themes that were present in 1960s American print art. All of the art that was part of this exhibit was in the fine art tradition as opposed to the graphic arts. Deborah Wye, associate curator, Department of Prints and Illustrated Books, mounted the exhibit. The exhibit was comprised of 144 prints and 36 artists books. The pieces were arranged for this exhibition based on theme categories. Some of the featured themes were gender, nuclear power and ecology, and the American Dream. The press release for this exhibit explains that “most of the artists represented in the exhibition communicate[d] their concerns in the formal language of modernism.” (pg. 3). The various mediums that were employed, included silkscreen, block printing, etching, lithography, and others. 

Catalog ID AR0091