Mork From Ork with Suit

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Color photograph of Mork (Robin Williams) holding a suit. The words "Mork from Ork" on the right side of button in white letters. 

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Mork & Mindy (1978-1982), a TV sitcom series starring Robin Williams, was a spin-off of the long-running sitcom Happy Days.  Williams' quirky character, Mork, is an extra-terrestrial deported from his home planet Ork because humor is not permitted there. Once on Earth, Mork’s assignment is to study human behavior and he does so with abandon and reflection.  WIlliams, known for his unique brand of humor, played Mork opposite Pam Dawber as Mindy, his human friend and roommate (whose father owned a music store). Mork & Mindy is credited with being the vehicle that made Williams a household name in the United States.  But despite initial acclaim, the series’ ratings steadily declined due to time-slot, plot & cast changes until its cancelation just four years later. Mork is shown holding his Orkan spacesuit.

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