Morris For President

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Text on Button Morris for President, 1988
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Color photograph of an orange tabby cat with a blue background in the center of the button surrounded by a white outer border with blue text above and below. There are three blue stars on each side and white text on a red background.
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"Morris" was and currently is again the spokescat for 9Lives brand cat food. Morris was conceived by the Chicago-based Leo Burnett advertising agency in 1969. The original Morris, a male orange tabby, was rescued by Bob Martwick, an animal talent scout, from the Humane Society in Hinsdale, Illinois, in 1968. Morris starred in over 50 commercials as well as in the movie Shamus with Burt Reynolds in 1973. In 1988, 9Lives launched the "Morris for President" ad campaign with another orange tabby who had assumed the role of Morris.

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