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Mort Sahl

Mort Sahl Events Button Museum
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Mort Sahl button back Events Button Museum
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MORT SAHL July 12 thru Aug. 1 mister kelly's
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Black and white photograph on a white background with black text 

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In 1971, Mort Sahl was doing a stint at Mister Kelly's nightclub in Chicago, which this button is advertising. Considered the first stand-up comedian, Sahl rose to fame in the late 1950s after being discovered at the “hungry i” nightclub. Known for his casual dressing and his jokes about political current events, Sahl was friends with Ed Sullivan, Hugh Hefner, and Ronald Reagan, and was a member of the team investigating John F. Kennedy's assassination. Sahl influenced comedy stars like Jon Stewart, Chris Rock, and Woody Allen, and continues to perform today.

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