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Morton's Salt

Morton's Salt Advertising Button Museum
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Morton's Salt button back Advertising Button Museum
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White button with dark blue border and text (except for center text "IT POURS," which is inverted).

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Morton Salt Company started in Chicago in 1848 under a different name as a sales agency, only later becoming the prominent in the  salt business. It was Joy Morton who acquired a a major interest in the late 1880s who stamped his name on the company. Morton is credited with many innovation including adding an anti caking agent to keep table salt dry even in damp conditions. It wasn't until 1924 that Morton Salt Company began distributing iodized salt nationally in part to address the prevalence of goiters in the Great Lakes region. Today, the company is the leading producer and marketer of salt for food, industrial, and road uses.

Our button doesn't display her inclusion on the blue salt carton, but the iconic Morton Salt Girl has been associated with the brand since her 1914 introduction with the new slogan "When it Rains, It Pours" in a series of Good Housekeeping magazine ads. The young girl illustrated is walking in the rain with a large umbrella scattering salt behind her. [The slogan was adapted from the proverb "it never rains but it pours," early 1700s.]

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