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Mother Macree Wears Hot Pants

Mother Macree Wears Hot Pants Advertising Button Museum
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Mother Macree Wears Hot Pants button back Advertising Button Museum
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Black and red text on a green button. White illustration in the middle of an leprechaun over a flame.

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SAY IT WITH BUTTONS 1108 FRONT STREET LISLE, ILL. 60532 (312) 968-7458

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Mother Machree was a character created by Rida Johnson Young in 1910. Machree was imagined for the play Barry from Barrymore and reappeared in her book The Story of Mother Machree in 1924. The character was the star in the silent film Mother Machree in 1928 directed by John Ford.

The movie is set around Ellen McHugh (also known as Mother Machree), an Irish immigrant, becoming a housekeeper for her son, Brian, and his daughter. Unbeknownst to Brian is that Mother Machree is his mother who gave him up for adoption when he was younger so he could have a better way of life. 


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