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“White Line Fever” is a song by English hard rock band Motörhead, from the band’s 1977 debut self-titled album. White Line Fever is also the title of Motörhead singer, bassist, and songwriter Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister’s autobiography. Lemmy’s drug of choice throughout his life was speed and both the song “White Line Fever” and the band’s name reference speed use. After being kicked out of his previous band Hawkwind, Lemmy formed Motörhead in 1975. Lemmy named his new band after the last song he had written for Hawkwind – a track called “Motörhead”. According to Lemmy, Motörhead would play, “Loud, fast, city, raucous, arrogant, paranoid, speedfreak rock n roll…it will be so loud that if we move in next door to you, your lawn will die”. The band’s “classic” lineup also includes guitarist “Fast” Eddie Clarke and drummer Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor. Motörhead is recognized as one of the forerunners to the new wave of British heavy metal, which reenergized heavy metal music in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.

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