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MoveOn is a progressive organization with two arms: Civic Action (a nonprofit corporation that coordinates efforts from the bottom-up) and Political Action (a committee that raises funds for liberal politicians). It was founded in 1998 by software makers Joan Blades and Wes Boyd, who passed around a digital petition opposing President Bill Clinton’s impeachment. The success of the digital format inspired the two to launch a grassroots organization the helped promote liberal causes and support liberal candidates. Some of the main issues tackled by MoveOn during the twenty-first century included the Iraq War and censorship of the documentary Fahrenheit 9/11. More recently, MoveOn endorsed Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders for the 2020 Democratic primaries, helping to plan and execute hundreds of events. Neither candidate, however, went on to secure the presidential nomination.


MoveOn. (2020). What is MoveOn?

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