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My Girl Is Very Fly

My Girl Is Very Fly, Ice Breakers, Button Museum
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My Girl Is Very Fly, Ice Breakers, Button Museum
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My Girl is Very
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Black text on a white background with a fly

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The manufacturer of this button, Whitehead & Hoag Co., was one of the first companies to produce patented celluloid pinback button.  The company specialized in advertising and political campaigns and produced unique novelty items featuring whimsical designs.  Long before there was In Living Color’s “Fly Girls” dance troupe, the term “fly” was used as an adjective as early as the 1850s.  Charles Dickens’ 1858 tale, "Arcadia", uses fly as slang for a quick-witted person.  An April 16, 1999 article written by Les Aldridge and published by Random House cites that in the 1870s, “the National Police Gazette wrote about ‘the about town who think it is awfully 'fly' to know tow-headed actresses’”, using fly to describe something as attractive and cool.


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