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My Lust is for Life

My Lust is for my Life dvertising Button Museum
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My Lust is for my Life button back Advertising Button Museum
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My lust is for life
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Illustration of Playboy "bunny" logo and white text on a yellow background.

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This is most likely referencing the infamous 1976 Playboy magazine article which showcased an extensive interview with, then Presidential nominee, Jimmy Carter. Many were surprised that Carter agreed to be interviewed by journalist Robert Scheer for the famous men's magazine, though it is thought that the interview was set up by Carter’s young campaign staff as an attempt to dismiss fears among younger voters regarding his strong Southern Baptist beliefs. When the interview ran in the November issue of Playboy that year, it backfired for Carter as many were surprised to read that he admitted to looking at many women “with lust” in the past and had been quoted as saying: “I’ve committed adultery in my heart many times”. Carter went on to win the presidency the same month the issue containing the overtly honest article was released.

Scheer, R. (1976, November). Interview: Jimmy Carter. Playboy. Retrieved from:

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