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Nabisco Masters

Nabisco Masters Event Button Museum
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Nabisco Masters Event Button Museum
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Player-Guest Nabisco Masters presented by Paine Webber
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Light green  and black text on a white background with a tennis player cartoon

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The Nabisco Masters were tennis tournaments played on indoor carpet courts at Madison Square Garden in New York City and at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England.

The Masters was a series of the tennis season-climaxing tournaments begun in 1970 Tokyo that offered points for each win and cash bonuses for the leading finishers. It moved from city to city across the world and finally settled in New York in 1977, and stayed at Madison Square Garden through 1989. The format went on as the ATP tour world championship in Frankfort, Germany, in 1990.

Nabisco, from National Biscuit Company, was a sponsor for the Masters series from 1985-1989. Paine Webber, a stock brokerage firm, was also a sponsor of the Masters series, and was known for their ads inserted on the broadcasted matches.

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