Nancy Reagan for First Lady

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Black and white photograph of Nancy Reagan surrounded by white text on blue background.

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Nancy Regan was born on July 6th,1921, in Queens, New York. She would marry future president Ronald Regan in 1952. Like her husband, Nancy Regan was an actor in her own right, even signing a seven-year contract with Metro Goldwyn Mayer. After her husband won the 1980 Presidential election, Nancy would become the first lady and take an active role in the position. 

Perhaps her most impacting and most remembered legacy is her fight against drugs. Nancy hoped to increase drug education around the United States and started prevention programs for children and young adults. To this end, she traveled over 250,000 miles across the United States to speak with children and youth in recovery. The popular catchphrase, “Just Say No,” when offered drugs originate from this campaign. Often when Nancy would visit schools and ask what the children should say when offered drugs, they would all shout back in unison, “No!”.


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