Nathan McKee's Michael Jackson

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Illustration of Michael Jackson's head (from the 1970's) on a white background.

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This design was created as part of the Busy Beaver Button Co.'s Button-O-Matic 2003 series "portraits". It included five buttons by Nathan McKee.

Nathan McKee is a self-taught artist who began drawing as a small child and then went into screen printing and stenciling. His main subjects in his art are basketball players. He grew up in Portland, Oregon, watching the Trail Blazers and was always a huge fan. In his art he enjoys capturing the basketball player’s motions, emotions, and personalities. Another project that he has done include creating one-of-a-kind buttons, pen and ink drawings of hip-hop artists. The three-button collection of Michael Jackson buttons includes Michael throughout the decades, 1970s, 1980s, and the 1990s. Other artists that Nathan has depicted on buttons include Salt-N-Pepa, Run-DMC, 2Pac and Biggie, Public Enemy, and the Beastie Boys to name a few. 

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