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A white button with the face of a smiling man who has one eye and a very large mustache. 

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National Bohemian Beer, otherwise known as Natty Boh', was first brewed in Baltimore Maryland in 1885 under the National Brewing Company.  It was not until 1933 that Mr. Boh (the mustached man who graces the cans and bottles) was introduced. Since National Bohemian and its sister beer, National Preimium, were so widely consumed in Baltimore the picture of Mr. Boh became a symbol of the city quickly. In the 1940s National Brewing was the first to introduce the six-can pack via Natty Boh. Through the 1950s National used an advertising campaign that referred to Maryland as the "Land of Pleasant Living" - a slogan that is still known used today. While Natty Boh was already a Baltimore favorite, it became the officially beer of the Baltimore Orioles baseball team in 1965.

Like many beer companies through the 1970s and 1980s National Bohemian was bought by larger companies. It was not until 2011 that Natty Boh returned to draft at Camden Yards and on Keg at local Baltimore taverns. Many advertisements for Baltimore often show Mr. Boh courting Ms.Utz (The female mascot for the popular Utz Potato Chip Company) in one way or another.

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