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Neighborhood Bullies Global Thugs

Neighborhood Bullies Global Thugs Cause Button Museum
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Neighborhood Bullies Global Thugs button back Cause Button Museum
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Neighborhood Bullies grow up to be GLOBAL THUGS
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Blue and red text and an illustration of a map of the United States on a white background

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"Neighborhood bullies grow up to be global thugs" was a common phrase used during the Reagan era as part of punk rock political involvement. The political campaign during the Reagan administration included mudslinging towards opponents, which was met with criticism from young voters who disagreed with the tactic. As Reagan's later policies showed a strong hand towards countries in the middle east, the punk community used their platform to raise awareness for what strong arm tactics could lead to in a global arena.

Donnelly/Colt is “a family-owned and operated mailorder business that has been designing and distributing union-made progressive materials promoting peace, social and environmental justice and human rights since 1975.” Their first button design was “The airwaves belong to the people” created in 1977 to support New York community radio station WBAI. Donnelly/Colt created this design in 1985, and, both it and “The airwaves belong to the people” are still in their catalog as of 2020.


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