The Neighbors

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Black and white comic of a child and her parent and black text on a white background

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The Neighbors was an early 1990s punk rock band from San Diego, California. Following a decade of touring and one album release, the members went their separate ways and The Neighbors disbanded.

In this comic panel, we see the titular character Nancy, of the American comic strip Nancy, speaking to her Aunt Fritz. The Nancy comic strip is a syndicated cartoon strip that has run since 1938. The original creator of the strip – Ernie Bushmiller – received high praise for his distillation of the gag comic strip into an enduring art form. Cartoonists and art professor’s Mark Newgarden and Paul Karasik have compared Bushmiller’s work on Nancy to the work of architect Miles Van Der Rohe. In 2018, the strip was given to a young cartoonist who works under the pseudonym Olivia Jaimes. Jaimes has been lauded with reinvigorating the Nancy comics after years of the decline of the comic since the passing of Bushmiller.


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