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Joey McIntyre was just 13 when the boy band, New Kids on the Block (NKOTB), released their self titled debut album in 1985. NKOTB was created after the band’s producer and promoter, Maurice Starr, was fired by New Edition, the popular R&B band. McIntyre was the last member to join the group. However, he felt as if he did not fit into the group as he was the youngest and was not initially treated well by the other members of the band. 

After a heart to heart with fellow bandmate, Donnie Wahlberg, McIntyre chose to remain a member of NKOTB. The band rose to stardom after the song “Please Don’t Go Girl” won the hearts of young girls everywhere. Since then, McIntyre has remained in the spotlight as a member of NKOTB and, later, as a solo artist, actor, and TV host.


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