New York State Fair

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Illustration of two jockeys riding galloping horses on a racetrack with black text. There is a gold pin attached to the ribbons, it has a horse head on it.

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The New York State Agricultural Society held the first state fair in the nation on September 29-30, 1841. It’s original intent was to promote agricultural improvement and provide a venue to introduce new good and services to farmers. Early fair attractions included animal exhibits, a plowing contest and samples of manufactured goods. The fair was hosted in multiple cities until 100 acres of land was donated by the Syracuse Land Company in 1889. Permanent exhibits and a museum were opened in 1928. The addition of the midway allowed for the expansion of the entertainment provided. Entertainers such as Sonny and Cher, Lady Antebellum, and Bruno Mars have all performed at the New York State Fair. Today’s fair still provides agricultural exhibits and shows, especially horse shows.  Other entertainment includes rides, beer competitions, cooking shows and more.

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