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Newark Community Day

Newark Community Day Event Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Yellow background with medium size red text curving around top and bottom. Red outline of a man flying with balloons tied around his waist. The man is posed as if he is going to dive into water.

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Newark is a city located on the eastern side of Delaware close to the coast. The city’s population in 2010 was 31,454. Newark’s Community Day is an annual event hosted on the Green of the University of Delaware in the Fall. The festival is outside with areas set up for local musicians and demonstration groups. Visitors can eat at the University food court for the event, and vendors will be selling art and crafts. The children’s area has a number of crafts and activities such as scare-crow making. Information booths are located in a few different areas on the campus, and activities are arranged by many different local organizations and groups. Special deals will be held by Main street merchants and restaurants during the event.


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