Next Week We've Got To Get Organized

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Text on Button H. gardner ©1955 NEXT WEEK WE'VE GOT TO GET ORGANIZED
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Black and white illustration of two figures slouching on chairs with their feet up on a table. Artist's signature is underneath the table with black text centered below the image.

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Union Label $4

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This illustration was created by cartoonist Herb Gardner. Herb Gardner (December 28, 1934 – September 25, 2003) was born in New York and studied at Antioch college. While at Antioch, he developed the comic strip "The Nebbishes" which became very famous in the 1950s. The Nebbishes characters (depicted here) were marketed on everything from coffee mugs to ashtrays. Besides being a cartoonist, Herb Gardner was also a musician, novelist, and playwright.

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