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Nixon 1972

Nixon 1972 Political Button Museum
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Nixon 1972 button back Political Button Museum
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nixon 1972
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Blue and white photograph of Nixon with a red and white striped outer edge

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In 1972, incumbent Republican President Richard Nixon ran for re-election. He won in a record landslide against Democrat George McGovern, carrying 49 states and 520 electoral college votes compared to McGovern's 17 electoral college votes. Two years after his victory, Nixon resigned following the Watergate Scandal. To this day, Nixon remains the first and only president to resign from office. Nixon's Vice President Gerald Ford pardoned him from criminal charges once he became president.

Aside from Watergate, Nixon is known for laying the groundwork for environmental regulations, helping to advance women's rights with Title IX, ending the draft, and revolutionizing foreign policy (as seen in his relationship with China).

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