Nixon Agnew Color Photograph

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Text on Button Now more than ever.
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White text on a Pacific blue background. A color photograph of Spiro Agnew and Richard Nixon smiling and waving sits at the bottom.

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In 1972, after serving one presidential term, Richard Nixon announced his plans to run for reelection. In this button, Nixon poses with his running mate and incumbent vice president, Spiro Agnew. Their team chose the campaign slogan “Now More Than Ever,” a familiar, politically charged phrase which has been utilized by American politicians since the 1860 GOP convention. The phrase was thought to have evoked a sense of urgency and was interpreted by test groups to be a reference to an “unfinished work in progress.” Somewhat ironically, this “work in progress” was halted as according to Nixon what America needed “now more than ever” was the wiretapping of the Democratic National Convention.  Though Nixon and Agnew were reelected in the 1972 election, they both resigned by 1974 because of Nixon’s involvement with the Watergate scandal.

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