Nixon For President with Ribbon

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Black and white text on blue and white backgrounds with red and white vertical curved stripes around the center rim. Red, white, and purple ribbons along with an white elephant fob attached to the bottom of the button.

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Richard M. Nixon was the 37th President of the United States, from 1969-1974. Born in 1913, Nixon began a distinguished law career before becoming a Navy Lieutenant during WWII. After his service, he was elected as a Senator from California, and two years later he became Vice President under Eisenhower. He narrowly lost to Kennedy in the 1960 Presidential election, but succeeded in 1968. 

Nixon’s Presidency was initially characterized as a time of peace. He ended the Vietnam War, improved relations with the Soviet Union and China, and brokered agreements in the Middle East. However, his Presidency became marred due to the Watergate Scandal, in which his party members broke into the Democratic National Committee offices. Although denying personal involvement, Nixon was caught trying to impede investigations. Facing impeachment, he decided to resign, becoming the only President to do so. 

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