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No Harsh Nugs

No Harsh Nugs Humorous Button Museum
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No Harsh Nugs button back Humorous Button Museum
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Glow in the dark text on a black background under an illustration of a ghost with a red circle and cross over the image

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According to its website,YEAHRITE appears to be the producer of unique graphic designs that both borrow from and alter recognizable pop culture images such as the Ghostbusters movie franchise logo shown here. The designs are applied to pin back buttons and t-shirts which are available for purchase. The company refers to its creator and owner as "Aimless J. Lackluster" and spoofs the modern start-up story on its website which states that the company's mission is "allowing people to purchase mementos" of the creator's "super rad (not dumb) ideas". Urban Dictionary's definition of "Nug": n. 1. A high quality bud of marijuana. 2. The Dank. 3. See ganja. 


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