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No To Monsanto

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An illustration of a skull and cross bones with the cross bones being a fork and a spoon. White text sit above and below the illustration and everything is set against a red background. 

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Monsanto is a large corporation that had once produced chemicals such as Agent Orange and PCBS. Monsanto was referred to as a “corporate scoundrel” in a 2002 article on the Greenpeace website. Now Monsanto is producing herbicides and GMOs. The herbicides and GMOs that are used on corn, wheat, soybeans, and pigs are dangerous to the environment and to the health of human beings. Monsanto also has GM patents, which make it illegal for farmers to replant seeds from the former year’s crops. Greenpeace is staunchly against Monsanto and has expressed that genetically engineered crops produced by Monsanto has been perceived as a “diabolical plan of global food take over.”

However Monsanto has maintained their position as an advocate for sustainable agriculture, and their goal is to protect and preserve the environment while meeting the needs of a growing population. They seek to produce more crops through bioengineering, advanced plant breeding, and using less resources such as water and energy in the process. 

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