No, No, a 1,000 Times No

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Text on Button NO, NO, A 1,000 TIMES NO!
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In 1935, this was the title song for the Betty Boop cartoon, “No! No! A Thousand Times No!!” The song, written by Al Sherman, Al Lewis, and Abner Silver became a popular hit.

In the cartoon, Betty and her boyfriend are acting in a melodrama on the stage. The song is her response when the villain crashes the story, ties up Freddy, and attempts to woo her with diamonds and pearls. Freddy escapes his bonds and is eventually victorious in rescuing the damsel in distress. The song is sung in the cartoon by Mae Questel, who later generations may remember as Aunt Bethany in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989).


No! no! a thousand times no!! / a Max Fleischer cartoon. (1935). Paramount Studios.

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