Nobody's Perfect

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Black and white portrait of Charlie Chaplin in a prisoners uniform under white text on a blue background. 

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to hang: fold C up under pin.
to stand: insert B into A and lock.
love dots 80KM580-5
HallmarkĀ Cards Inc.
K.C., Mo. 64141 Made in U.S.A.
1972 Bubbles, Inc., S.A.

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This picture on this button is the iconic image from Charlie Chaplin's 1917 film The Adventurer, in which he played an escaped convict on the run from prison guards. In the film, He saved a young woman from drowning and fell into favor of her family, but also solicited jealousy and persecution from her suitor. He continued the prisoner character in his 1923 film The Pilgrim. 

Many of Chaplin's films often evoke sympathy for the people living in the bottom of society. The slogan on the button "Nobody's Perfect" invokes the idea of forgiveness and compassion that Chaplin promoted in his works. 

Catalog ID IB0268