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Norwegians Have A Lot More Fun

Norwegians Have A Lot More Fun Smiley Button Museum
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Norwegians Have A Lot More Fun button back Smiley Button Museum
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Blue text positioned as a smiley face with the letter "O" in "Lot" and "More" as the eyes above a grin on a light blue background. 

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Northern Novelty Co. Box 531 Fargo, N.D.

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A Norwegian is a citizen of Norway. The country of Norway is part of the Scandinavian or Nordic countries which includes Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The population of Norway is mostly centered around the southern part of the country near Oslo. Indo-European peoples settled in Oslo, Norway 6,000 years ago. The Norwegian people were dependent on fishing and farming. In the Viking Age, Norwegian pirates (known as Vikings) sailed to England to raid the country for their resources and sailed as far as North America. Modern day Norway is known for its fishing, lumber, and trade industries. Today, Norway, as well as other Nordic countries, have the highest standard of living and often make the list of happiest places to live due to their social welfare system.

The slogan, "Norwegians Have More Fun," may be an allusion to the popular phrase, "Blondes Have More Fun," which originated from Lady Clairol ads in the late 1950s for hair dye. Since this ad, the phrase "have more fun" has been used for many other identifiers other than blondes.


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