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"Not My President," is a phrase commonly used to show dissent for the sitting U.S. President. Although exact origins are unknown, the phrase was used in protest during the terms of George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump.

During Bush's term, the phrase was used after Bush beat Gore with electoral votes, but did not win the popular vote. After a recount, the margin between popular vote widened, however, Bush was awarded the office of President. His stance on military action and spending money to raise national debt encouraged dissent among parties, but it was not until his response to the tragedy of 9/11/2001 that Bush had lost favor of the general public.

During Obama's term, the phrase was used to show dissent towards Obama's name and ethnic heritage. Some reporters cited writings from Thomas Jefferson regarding American ideals from previous eras to back up their arguments on ethnic heritage. Some opposed Obama's stance on climate change or the way he handled military actions overseas.

After Donald Trump defeated Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016 to become the United States’ president, many in the nation rejected his victory. The phrase “not my president” was used as a rallying cry to suggest Trump's actions and behavior in the media as well as lack of political experience made him unfit for the office. Trump also faced the same problem with vote tallies as Bush that the electoral vote went to Trump, while the popular vote went to Clinton.


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