November 2 Take Out the Trash

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Text on Button Tuesday 2010 Nov 2 TAKE OUT THE TRASH!
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Large daily calendar with a gold border on a blue background. White text on black strip heading. Red text date on white background. Small calendar with red box around 2. Black text on white background.

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In the 2010 mid-term election, Republicans won over seven Senate seats from Democrats and sixty-three in the House, giving them the majority and ending the unified Democratic control of the Presidency and Congress. It was the largest shift in House Representatives since 1948 and represented a shift in the Republican Party towards a more vocally conservative platform led by the Tea Party. Many Americans were dissatisfied with the Affordable Care Act and were mobilized by the Tea Party movement to vote for Republican candidates over Democratic incumbents with the general sentiment being disdain for the "trash" of party members with dissimilar views. The overwhelming Republican victory was an indication of growing conservative power in the Republican Party, which would eventually lead to the election of Donald Trump in 2016.


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