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Blue text on white bar in center with white text on blue background. Image of 0 in 2012 is red, white, and blue logo for Obama.

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During the 2012 presidential election, Barack Obama and his campaign team introduced America to their newest campaign tool, Dashboard. Dashboard was accessible through Obama's campaign website and was designed to empower local volunteers to organize from home, becoming “neighborhood team members”. Modeled after social media platforms, Dashboard connected neighborhood team members together via a messaging system. Dashboard also provided the resources to allow volunteers to make calls from home, as well as materials for canvassing. Dashboard represented a new model of campaigning emerging in the era of the internet. Besides its social networking capabilities, Dashboard also allowed volunteers to directly report their canvassing data to the campaign's website. This created an unprecedented amount of real-time data for Obama's re-election team. Since the 2012 election, many other campaign teams have used similar models to that of Dashboards. A video announcing the launch of Dashboard from 2012 by Jeremy Bird, the campaign’s national field director, explains Dashboards purpose and can be seen via this link.


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