Oh God You Devil

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Text on Button OH, GOD! YOU DEVIL That's funny, they both look like George Burns.
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Blue text outlined in white above image of George Burns dressed as an angel sitting on a cloud in front of a rainbow with black text below. When turned, lenticular button shows red text outlined in black with image of George Burns smoking a cigarette. The O in the text above the image has a halo or devil horns.

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The popular 1984 Paul Bogart film, Oh, God! You Devil, was a sequel to the 1977 hit Oh, God! and the 1980 sequel Oh, God! Book II. All three movies star comedian George Burns, who won the Saturn Award for Best Actor for his first film portraying God on screen in 1977. In the first two, George Burns plays the role of God, but in Oh, God! You Devil, Burns plays both God and his devilish counterpart. The plot follows a regular musician named Bobby Shelton who sells his soul to the devil to become a famous rock star so that he can support his wife and begin a family of their own. When the contract is signed, Bobby Shelton is transformed into the famous Billy Wayne but is forced to give up his old life and watch as someone else takes his place beside his wife. Desperate to back out of the deal, Bobby Shelton tries to contact God for help. Oh, God! You Devil collected $5.5 million on its first weekend in theaters, taking the lead for that weekend. Although the film was a hit in theaters and George Burns was once again nominated for Best Actor in the Saturn Awards, Oh, God! You Devil did not receive much critical acclaim and has a drastically worse rating on Rotten Tomatoes than its counterparts, Oh, God! and Oh, God! Book II.


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