Oh No It's Devo

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Text on Button oh, no! it's DEVO
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Lenticular button alternates between two images: 1) Black and white image of a man's face with hands covering eyes and mouth open as if in fear or surprise. Black text curved along upper portion of button, red, green, yellow, and purple text curved along bottom portion. Light green background. 2) color images of the five members of Devo, heads superimposed on russet potatoes. Light blue background. 

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DEVO is a New Wave band from Kent and Akron Ohio. Their best-known song is 1980's "Whip It," which reached number 14 on the Billboard charts. The song appeared on the album Freedom of Choice. The band is made up of two sets of brothers: Gerald and Bob Casale and Mark and Bob Mothersbaugh, as well as drummer Alan Myers on the original lineup. While the band's sound has changed somewhat over the years, they combine element of kitch, surrealism, science fiction, and social satire into their music and performances. 

Oh No! It's Devo is the band's fifth studio album, which de-emphasized the guitar sound in favor of synthesizers. The album is somewhat controversial: responding to criticism from Rolling Stone, who called them "fascists" and "clowns" on separate occasions, this Devo album attempts to capture the essence of fascist clowns. 


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