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620 N. BRDWY St. Louis

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The lyrics, "It's round on the end and "Hi" in the Middle," "O-HI-O!" comes from a 1922 Broadway musical, The Hotel Mouse. The story is about a girl who tells riddles; one of the songs, Round on the End, High in the Middle, is a riddle that refers to the state of Ohio. In 1940, the Ohio State University Marching Band played Round on the End, High in the Middle for the first time; and by the 1950s, it would be part of the band's field formation. In 1977, Devo, a band from Akron, Ohio, featured a similar lyric in their song Jocko Homo. They sing, "I got a rhyme that comes in a riddle." "O-Hi-O!" "What's round on the end and high in the middle?" "O-Hi-O!"


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