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Old Style Beer

Old Style Beer Beer Button Museum
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Old Style Beer button back Beer Button Museum
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A red white and blue shield with white Medieval style text on white background. 

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Old Style was first introduced in the 1890s under the name Golden Leaf Lager.  The Lager was renamed and introduced in local stores as Old Style in 1902. After prohibition, Old Style gained popularity and throughout the 1930s established itself as a Chicago beer. In the 1950s Old Style became an official sponsor of the Chicago Cubs and still today is a staple beverage at Wrigley Field. 

Old Style is akin to classic pilsner keeping a light yet full flavor. Currently there are two beers in the Old Style line - Old Style (4.64% ABV) and Old Style Light (4.12% ABV). Currently the La Crosse Lager produced by City Brewing Company is based on Old Style. 

This button was manufactured by the Busy Beaver Button Co.

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