Old Style Friendship

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Text on Button HERE'S TO Old Stye FRIENDSHIP
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Top third of button has white text on a red background, middle third has blue old fashioned text on a white background, bottom third has white text on a blue background.

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The G. Heileman Brewing Company of La Crosse, Wisconsin was a brewery firm that ran from 1858 to 1996, when it was ultimately acquired by Stroh's. Heilman's son-in-law, Emil T. Mueller, introduced what was to become Heileman's leading premium beer label, Heileman's Old Style Beer, in 1902. In 1969 designer Roy Wilson and the G. Heileman Brewing Company constructed a set of metal tanks, holding a total of 22,220 barrels of beer. The tanks were used for inventory storage and were painted in the colors of a six-pack of Old Style. The brewery called the tanks the World's Largest Six-Pack.

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