Old Style Friendship Howdy

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Text on Button HERE'S TO Old Style FRIENDSHIP Howdy!
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The button is composed of three sections: on the top is white text on a red background, the middle is clear plastic with white edges, and the bottom is white text on a blue background. 

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Old Style beer was first called Golden Leaf Lager and was manufactured by Gottlieb Heileman at the G. Heileman Brewing Company in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The beer was known for being made with the finest ingredients. The beer’s name changed to Old Style in 1902. Old Style permanently moved across the state line into Illinois in 1935 in correlation with a nationwide bottlers strike and product rationing. The beer soon became known as “Chicago’s Beer” and was sold throughout the city. In 1950, the Chicago Cubs began sponsoring Old Style, and it has been enjoyed at Wrigley Field ever since.

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