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Text on Button 94 WKTI TAILGATOR - Old Style C.O.D. 1983
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A green alligator with tongue out, wearing a "WKTI" baseball cap and "94 WKTI" white t-shirt and holding a can of Old Style beer with yellow background.

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Milwaukee radio station WKTI 94FM and the beer company Old Style joined forces to create the "Tailgator." The 34-year old station's popular DJs Reitman, Mueller and Jim "Lips" LaBelle have since been replaced or retired, and the frequency now broadcasts WLWK, "Lake FM".

Old Style Lager was introduced in 1902 by G. Heileman Brewing Company in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Heileman consolidated several premium brands and at its height ranked the third largest brewer in the US behind Anheuser-Busch and Miller. Old Style found its greatest success in the Midwest. An unfortunate attempt to selling malt liquor after a 1991 bankruptcy eventually lead the 124-year old family brewer to sell the company in 1996.

On a happier note, Heileman's LaCrosse brewery is back to brewing beer (not Old Style, but beer all the same) and bottling teas, sodas and energy drink under the name City Brewing Company. The new company borrowed the name from Heileman's original startup 1858-1872.


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