Oscar Mayer Sparkie Says "Eat Smokie Links"

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Text on Button Oscar Mayer Sparkie Says "Eat Smokie Links"
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An illustration of a young boy in a cap appears on a yellow background. Red text circles the illustration. 

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Oscar Mayer’s Smokie Links were created in 1949 and discontinued in 2008. According to an ad at the time, these links were "good for just heating and eating at picnics or any meal at all!" Smokie Links were also sold at Wrigley Field during their circulation. While Oscar Mayer no longer makes the Smokie Links, they do make Smokies, which are a slightly larger sausage. A rival company took over production of Smokie Links at Wrigley Field in 2013.

The character on the button is a puppet named Sparkie, from the children's radio show Big Jon and Sparkie. The radio show ran from 1950-1958 and centered around Sparkie, an "elf from the land of make-believe" who acts just like a real boy.


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