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Ottawa Ski Club

Ottawa Ski Club Club Button Museum
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Ottawa Ski Club button back Club Button Museum
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Blue illustration of a profile view of a person in a Native American feathered headdress with blue text above and below on a white background.

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ST. LOUIS MO ST LOUIS BUTTON CO. (repeated over and over)

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The Ottawa Ski Club was founded in 1910 by a group of ski jumpers. They set up jumps in Rockliffe Park to begin with. Ski jumpers, unlike pleasure skiers were in need of a club where they could build towers and jumps. The popularity of ski jumping continued to grow and during World War I the club raised a lot of money jumping for the Red Cross. The tower was knocked down by weather in 1915, but the club reorganized in 1919. The new club members began promoting pleasure skiing, long distance outings, racing, etc. they did not want to just be known for ski jumping. As the club grew they invested in shelters and lodges throughout the Gatineau park. The club also continued to groom and clean trails. The Ottawa Ski Club was extremely influential in bringing skiing sports to thousands of people. The ski club also published newsletters as a way of reaching their members.


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