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The Outer Drive Hero Drivers Club, or ODHDC, is a Chicago-area club dedicated to "the serious sports car driver who has become too damn serious". With no charter and no regular meetings, the club's only official gathering is its annual New Year's Day scavenger hunt, the Heroes' Happy Holiday Hangover Hassle, or HHHHH. Anyone who attends the event becomes a de facto member of the club.

At the 1961 event, participants were required to turn in receipts from five separate bars; after which awards were bestowed including dark glasses, a hangover kit, and a bar stool with a seat belt attached. The winning team drove a hearse and was required -in keeping with a tradition that remains to this day- to plan the next year's HHHHH.

More recent events appear to have been less alchohol-fueled and more trivia-oriented. Focusing on Chicago-area history and culture, event themes have included railroads, public libraries, and terracotta buildings.


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