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Oxidizer Advertising Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Oxidizer Advertising back Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Black text and an illustration on a yellow background

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NES (800) 637-2384

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NES is a company that works with businesses and government agencies to make sure that employees and the environment are protected. The company provides education in the form of environmental and industrial hygiene consulting through workshops, training, and other personalized services. Some of the issues that NES discusses are indoor air quality, mold, water damage and exposure to hazardous materials. Not only does NES work to insure that work environments are safe, they also want to make sure that companies are following health, safety and environmental rules and regulations. NES has worked with companies such as; Pacific Gas and Electric and The Sacramento Bee. The company is based in California but helps companies throughout the country.

An oxidizer is an agent used to support combustion. Hydrogen peroxide would be an example of an oxidizer. The symbol shown is the hazard symbol for oxidizer.  

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