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A white background with a red ring and an inner white circle. An upside down leaf is in the center with a white letter B on it. There is a red ribbon hanging from the bottom edge of the button.

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When Jacob Best began his brewery his production was 18 barrels per batch and a little over 300 barrels per year. In 1859 Captain Pabst married into the family and became a major force in the company. By 1872 Pabst served a president and output was over 100,000 barrels making then Best and Company, the second largest brewery in the United States
A flagship brand, Best Select, won numerous awards worldwide through the 1880s and the blue ribbon was placed on every Best Select Beer. In 1889 the company officially became Pabst Brewing Company and by 1892 nearly a million feet of silk was being used yearly to tie ribbons on Best Select Beers. The label of the Select Beer was reintroduced in 1895 as the Pabst Blue Ribbon (PRB) known today. By the early 1900s over 30 million feet of silk ribbon was being used yearly.
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