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Pan Am, also known as Pan American World Airways, was the first and largest international air carrier in the United States. The company first offered flights from New York City to Frankfurt, Germany in 1946. These departed from John F. Kennedy (then known as Idlewild) airport and stopped over in London.

Nonstop flights from JFK to Frankfurt were introduced sometime between 1971 and 1975. Flight 66 made the run daily during the summers and according to demand. The overnight trip departed at nine o'clock pm and took seven hours and thirty five minutes. Passengers were treated to dinner, a movie, and continental breakfast.

Flight 66 continued to run throughout the 1980s, if not into the early 1990s. Pan Am declared bankruptcy in 1991, after which Delta took over Pan Am's flights from New York to Europe. Nonstop flights from JFK to Frankfurt are available today through Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, and Delta Airlines.


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