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Up with People is an organization known for its international musical ensemble that promotes youth empowerment and positive messaging. It was founded as Sing-Out in 1965 by J. Blanton Belk, who wanted to bring together young people during the political tumult of the 1960s to bridge cultural barriers and create positive change through singing and performance. Its first performance was in Connecticut, but its membership and touring schedule quickly spread beyond the United States. In 1968 it was incorporated as a nonprofit, under the name Up with People. The ensemble has performed globally for world leaders and at famous events such as the Olympics and the Super Bowl halftime show. It remains active in the 2020s, with an alumni roster that includes the actress Glenn Close. One of Up with People's Super Bowl performances can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxK3qTsj_eE


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