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Illustration of Ross Perot on red, white, and blue background overlooking people and flag with white text.

Curl Text America Speaks Magazine · Copyright ©1992
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H. Ross Perot, a Texas billionaire and former independent presidential candidate, died at the age of 89 surrounded by his family. He was a successful businessman and an unconventional politician known for his folksy Texas drawl and blunt demeanor. He had a fortune estimated at $4.1 billion and was involved in a daring rescue mission to free two employees jailed in Iran.

Perot ran for president in 1992, appealing to voters dissatisfied with the Republican and Democratic parties. His campaign, largely financed by his own money, focused on reducing government deficit spending and gained widespread support, reaching 39% in a Gallup Poll five months before the election.

He eventually dropped out of the race without providing a specific reason. Later, he claimed during an interview with the television show 60 Minutes that he announced his withdrawal after learning that President Bush's campaign planned to tarnish his daughter's image with a doctored photo that may have negatively impacted her upcoming wedding.


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