Pierogi Fest

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Text on Button PiEROGi FEST WHiTiNG, iN.
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Illustration of two pierogi's as characters dancing with red text above and black text below on a white background

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Pierogi Fest is a festival held in Whiting, Indiana and draws almost 300,000 visitors each year.  The festival is a celebration of Eastern European heritage through food and music. Pierogi are dumplings that can be both savory or sweet with fillings including potato, onion, sauerkraut, or berries. They can be pan-fried or boiled and are eaten any time of day. Pierogi Fest features many unique characters and cosplaying attendees including Mr. Pierogi, buscias (grandmothers), Pieroguettes (similar to the Rockettes but pierogi themed), Miss Paczki (named after the jelly-filled doughnut), and more.

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