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PigBag is a post-punk instrumental band that began in Cheltenham (a town in Gloucestershire, England) in 1980 by Chris Hamlin and ended in 1983. Roger Freeman was the multi-instrumentalist, Chris Lee played the trumpet, and James Johnstone was the guitarist. The band played in parks and at Hamlin's house for jam sessions. They added a rhythm section with drummer Andrew "Chip" Carpenter and bassist Mark "Miff" Smith. Mark was soon replaced by Sam Underwood who was a former member of the band The Pop Group. Another member joined the ensemble, Ollie Moore, who was the tenor sax player.

Their first gig was opening for The Slits at Romeo and Juliet's in Bristol on October 21st 1980. Their band name was originally Us Corporation but after their first show they changed their name to PigBag inspired by Hamlin's cloth bag which displayed an image of a warthog. Their set included twenty minutes of a positively received song later titled, "Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag," which was recorded the next day at Y Records.


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