Pink Floyd The Wall

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Text on Button PINK FLOYD
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Abstract faces and black text over black and white brick background. 

Curl Text 1982 PINK FLOYD MUSIC LTD ... RYAN WARREN, MI., 48091
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Pink Floyd is an English progressive rock band that formed in 1965. The band originally consisted of Syd Barrett, Roger Waters,  Richard Wright, and Nick Mason. The members were students who came from academic backgrounds. They gained popularity by performing in London's underground music scene. David Gilmer later joined the group, and Barrett left the band due to mental health issues. Pink Floyd is distinguished by their philosophical lyrics, progressive and psychedelic melodies. They are one of the most commercially successful bands of all times, and Rolling Stone magazine ranked them at number 51 on their list of "The 100 Greatest Artists of All Times." Pink Floyd's music influenced numerous artists such as David Bowie, Queen, Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, among many others.

The image on the button is a portion of the artwork from the album "The Wall." This the Pink Floyd's eleventh record that was released as a double album in 1979. "The Wall" is a rock opera that explores isolation, solitude, and abandonment, and the wall represents such sentiment. The protagonist, Pink, is tormented and traumatized by his family and school life but eventually becomes a rock star. However his adult life crumbles as he finishes building the wall which cuts him off from all human contact. Within his wall, Pink hallucinates that he is a fascist dictator performing at concerts, and he sets his men to exclude the fans that he deems unworthy. Pink is overwhelmed with guilt and puts himself on trial. His inner judge orders him to "tear down the wall" and Pink is then reconnected with the outside world.  

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